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Mountain biking in German

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Origen: Franconia - Germany
Destination: Franconia - Germany
Mountain biking is more than nonstop downhills and a hard ride. It also takes a gentle approach to nature. And it's an outdoor sport that requires fitness and strength. Sometimes trails go uphill or snake round tree trunks. So it calls for a certain amount of expertise. Mountain bikers also need to appreciate the needs of the flora and fauna (see the information about mountain biking in Upper Franconia). That means not blazing your own trail but tackling trails that are already there. There are plenty of them - and they can be challenging. Certain regions cater especially well for mountain bikers, with special infrastructure and a range of services including a massage for aching calf muscles. The Sankt Wendeler Land region, Franconian Switzerland, the Fichtelgebirge Mountains and the Franconian Forest all have trails mountain bikers can get passionate
about: challenging climbs, plenty of natural obstacles and, of course, thrilling descents with evil bends. Combined with the fresh air, mountain biking releases the adrenalin and the endorphins, gives you a great workout and lifts your mood. So you're ready to party till the small hours.