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"Gläserner Steig" hiking route

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Origen: Bavaria - Germany
Destination: Bavaria - Germany
The Bavarian Forest - Europe's Green Roof - is considered a paradise for hikers. The region, situated between the river Danube, the Bohemian Forest and the Austrian Border, is Central Europe's largest closed woodland area. Well signposted hiking paths lead through mysterious forests, well-cared-for natural and cultivated landscapes, past small and larger villages or up to the mountain peaks of the Bavarian Forest, such as the Arber Mountain, the region's highest peak at 1,456 meters. Along historic trade routes, between the Danube River and Bohemia, hikers can follow the traditional routes of salt and glass traders.

Once, more than 60 glass works had settled in the mountainous Bavarian-Bohemian border area, of which today about a dozen are still existent. Along the hiking trail "Gläserner Steig", the region's rich glass manufacturing tradition is omnipresent. During six daily stages, the hiking trail "Route vom Lamer Winkel", which stretches over 99 km, leads past glass works and traditional glass manufacturing villages, such as Zwiesel, Spiegelau or Riedelhütte and ends in Grafenau. Experience the sweaty job of glass manufacturing while visiting a glass manufacturing company. The eventful route past mountain peaks, lakes and through the untouched primeval forest of the Bavarian Forest National Park represents a relaxing contrast.